Starting Your Own Babysitting Side Hustle

Starting Your Own Babysitting Side Hustle

Do you enjoy spending time with small children?  Maybe you’re really into crayons, Elmo, Bluey, and Bob the Builder. Parents everywhere are busy and looking for a break, rather it be work, date night, errands, or just some “me-time” they still need to make sure their children are cared for! This is where you come in by offering child care. This makes you an invaluable resource, and people are willing to pay for those resources, and this is how you get started with your own babysitting side hustle.

There are a few basics that apply to starting any side hustle.

  • Identifying a problem.
  • Solving the problem.
  • Selling your solution, by obtaining clients

Let’s chat about obtaining clients.

Create an ad. This could be a graphic image or just a short blurb about the services you are offering. Remember you could have the best service business in town but if people don’t know you exist you can’t sell your service.

Seek out local Mom Forums, Facebook groups, Taskrabbit, and Craigslist, to post about your services.

Flier gyms, parks, and any other place you often see parents visiting.

Network. You never know when you’ll overhear a conversation, or be asked for advice on a subject that will lead to a sale. Keep your business cards on you at all times.

Word of mouth will eventually be your best marketing strategy. Happy clients who would like their friends to also utilize your services. So make sure you keep HAPPY clients!

There’s An App For That: Babysitting

There are several apps available that connect parents with babysitters. Some popular options include:

  • This app allows parents to search for, book, and pay babysitters in their local area. Caregivers can create a profile and list their qualifications, experience, and availability. Parents can also read reviews from other parents before making a booking.
  • Sittercity: This app allows parents to search for babysitters in their local area, read reviews from other parents, and message potential babysitters to ask questions or schedule interviews.
  • UrbanSitter: This app allows parents to search for babysitters in their local area, read reviews from other parents, and book babysitters directly through the app.
  • Bambino: This app connects parents with local babysitters and nannies. Parents can view babysitter’s profiles and reviews, and book them directly through the app.
  • Rover: This app connects parents with dog walkers, pet sitters and dog boarders, but it also have a section for babysitters. It allows parents to find and book babysitters, nannies, and mother’s helpers.

It’s worth noting that most of these apps have a free version and also a paid version that grants access to more features and benefits, and many of them have the option to pay the babysitter through the app.

Even though these apps exist many local parents won’t be aware they exist. These apps could also work to your benefit, you may be able to contact them and offer your services through the apps.

Babysitting is unique in that you can sometimes work from your own home or end up at a client’s home. You can also often take on multiple clients to care for at the same time. Be aware that some states do require licensing or certification for childcare providers, especially those offering care to multiple children at once. Parents will sometimes ask for licensure, CPR certifications, and background checks on those they choose to care for their children. So it might be a good idea to put these things in place in advance of diving headfirst into this opportunity.

As with every side hustle make sure to keep your receipts. Track your supplies, mileage, and other expenses. You’ll also need to track your income from your side hustles so that you can file your taxes appropriately at the end of the year. Please consult your local tax professional for details.

Babysitting as a side hustle can be lucrative most childcare providers earn $20 per hour with increases for each additional child, tutoring, CPR certification, childcare certifications, errands, meal prep, and housekeeping tasks. So if you’ve got the patience, and you enjoy spending time with small children this might be a great side hustle to add to your bag of tricks.

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