Review Policy & Info

I would love to review and promote your stuff!
Nothing is too big or too small. Send me (almost) anything.

You’ll receive valuable text links within our review of your product. These links are negotiable depending on the terms we discuss Our default terms will normally be one direct (no-follow) link to your product or companies site with a keyword of your choosing, and further linking that may promote your product through affiliate links, when applicable, for instance your product for sale on Amazon.


Items should have an approximate retail value of at least $35 and be a full sized product. I won’t write a review of one cough drop or 0.5 oz of facial cleanser, Sorry! Advertising space may be purchased in conjunction with any review, and maybe required if your product doesn’t meet our minimum ARV thresh-hold. Exceptions maybe made in relation to product value for mommy owned businesses (boutiques and/or WAHM) please contact us for details.

All reviews should be accompanied by a giveaway. (This is negotiable, but not advised.) My readers love when I have a new product to tell them about. They love it even more when there is a giveaway, or a chance to win the product involved. Giveaways are for your benefit. I will continue to promote giveaways, and thus will get more exposure for your company, a review alone may not even be mentioned through my social media stream where your potential buyers are located.

A couple of  things to note:

1) I have allergies, Fragrances may end up discarded. Not all smells bother me, but I have no way of knowing if your product will irritate my sensitivities until it arrives.

2) Pets: We have a cairn terrier mix named Roxy she belongs to the munchkin for the most part. Hubby wants an English Bulldog eventually, and I want a silver merle Pomeranian maybe a yorkie still,  I miss the fish tank we used to have and would be open to acquiring more fish.

3) My review team consists of myself (40), my husband (41), and our 17 year old daughter.

So send me your products, your cleaners, makeup, handmade jewelry/art, toys, clothes, shoes, kitchen do-dads, digital/gadget anythings, and whatnots. I’ll try it out, and tell my readers what I think in my most honest and unbiased literary voice.

Send the stuff you want me to review to the address below and email me the tracking #.

You may send stuff that you would like me to review to:

Southern Spiced

10326 Niall Dr.
Pensacola, FL 32526

Please include a brief note in any product you mail that includes your contact information. This will save me lots of time trying to locate your information when un-boxing your product for review.

If I can’t give your items a positive review I will contact you and let you decide if you’d like me to post the honest complete review on my site. I don’t see this as being dishonest just following mama’s #1 rule “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”


In Closing PLEASE Send Me Your Stuff to Review!  🙂


I reserve the right to cancel, suspend, or flat out refuse to review any item. (Though rare!)

All items received become property of Southern Spiced. I will not return any item regardless of review status. I will not even consider uncompensated loaner item reviews. To reiterate: PLEASE BE ADVISED ANY PRODUCT RECEIVED WILL BECOME MY PROPERTY UNLESS THERE IS A CONTRACT SIGNED BY MYSELF STATING OTHERWISE

Unsolicited mailings are not guaranteed a review, please email first if there is any question about our review policies!