About Me

Heather “Dixie” Roberts

Hi I’m Heather!

I’m in my early 40’s, I’ve been married to Adam for almost 20 years and we have a teen daughter. I’ve run several businesses over the years mostly working out of the home while managing our neurodivergent household. We all 3 live with a myriad of physical and mental different-abilities, that make our days fun and challenging!

I’m a caretaker at heart starting from a very young age. My grandmother had a stroke when I was 8 years old and I became her constant companion caring for her and other family members as the years went on. I even went to nursing school in my early 20’s but was in a car wreck that messed up my back and realized I’d never be able to lift on patients and so I chased other dreams. I eventually went and got my CCMA but quickly learned I have too much heart to work in the typical medical facility with the state of the world today.

A Little More About Me & The Family


Heather is a self described momprenuer, with a love of learning, and a knack for anything related to the internet. This 30’s something social media expert, has been online since before the internet was, well the internet.

Heather has been writing for 30 years completing her first children’s book at the age of 7.

Heather was editor of her high school yearbook & newspaper, and graduated Valedictorian.

Heather and her dad ran the Night Flight BBS back before the internet existed. Heather’s Dad was truly the one that got her interested in computers, and encouraged her to stay at the top of the curve in the latest online trends.

Heather’s dad owned his own business, and worked for himself, as well as both sets of her grandparents.

The entrepreneurial spirit must be genetic!

Heather met and married the love of her life in 2004





Adam Roberts. 

Adam is a gamer, tech savvy, father who is very devoted to providing for his family. Adam enjoys working with his hands, putting stuff together, computer games, well actually video games in general, working on and tuning cars, going out with his wife, and spending time with their daughter.

In 2006 the face of Heather’s world was forever changed when she gave birth to her proudest accomplishment…


Sarina “Kai” Roberts

Kai is 17 years old, and in 11th grade. Sarina enjoys electronics, she’s a gamer and loves anything with a microchip.

Sarina also enjoys typical teen things, stuffed animals, cosplay, tik-tok, and boys.

Sarina’s favorite color is purple like her mother. 😉 Sarina certainly has her momma’s imagination! She is growing into a total technophile.


(Adam, Kai, & Heather 2017)

We decided to open our own business in 2019 right before the pandemic was announced. So here we are.

In A Pinch Customs

My husband and I started glass etching with a brother scan n cut that I bought for $100. It made amazing stencils and we’ve done some beautiful glass work. Then we added vinyl decals to our bag of tricks and soon after while researching other ways to etch glass I ran across the Glowforge, and fell in love. This tool
provides an outlet for all of that pent up creativity, and allows us to make so many cool personalized things. Now we can create in wood, glass, acrylic, silicone, and vinyl mediums, even some limited metals. On the horizon we plan to add sublimination to our business, and a larger laser.
Our personalization business is our un-retirement plan. We both can’t stand to sit still and so I expect we’ll be doing this into our golden years, I can’t wait to grow our business large enough to cover our daily living expenses so that I can bring Adam back home. He’s worked hard to take care of our family over the years and deserves to only work one job. Every purchase you make gets us closer to that goal and we appreciate you!